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Corporate Social Responsibility

TOLEDO is committed to conducting business in a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE manner. In order to address this objective, TOLEDO is dedicated to take all reasonable and practicable steps to achieve the following:

  • Ensure that all employees act ethically and socially responsible
  • Protect the environment while performing all company’s operations and continuously improve practices to minimize the environmental affect
  • Conduct all operations and business with the highest ethical standards
  • Carry out business transparently
  • Receive feedback on company’s operations from clients, vendors, subcontractors, employees and any other stakeholder and study the implementation of such suggestions
  • Ensure fair competition when selecting subcontractor and vendors
  • Ensure the recruitment procedure is implemented fairly
  • Maintain equality amongst the company’s team of employees
  • Support the community
  • Participate in local initiatives on both the corporate and employee level
  • Promote inter-organizational events

TOLEDO shall ensure that all necessary resources are utilized in order to implement the above and continuously improve the company’s CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.